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Your Firm Our Firm Japan Patent Office
Consult/Order Consultation
We will have a short review of your request and orders.
Cost Inquiry Cost Estimate
We will provide estimation on fees for procedures from
filing to registration.
Search Results
We will conduct a search on registrability of the trademark.
Proposal regarding the content of the Application
We will provide advice on what types of trademarks to file
and what kind of goods and services to cover with the trademark right.
Filing Documents
Drafting Documents for
Filing an Application
We will ask you to check the content of the application to
see if it meets your requests.
Procedure to File an
Acceptance of Application
If a priority is claimed,
we need the original priority document within 3 months from the filing date.
To file trademark application we need
(1)Name and address of
(3)List of Goods and/or Services,and
(4)Priority Claim, if needed.
An application number will be issued.
The submitted documents are checked to see whether or not they fulfill formality requirements.
Publication of Unexamined
・A publication will be published after 2 to 3 weeks from the filing date.
Substantive Examination
The examiner examines whether the applied-for mark satisfies all the requirements for registration.
Examination results(Decision of registration or Notice of Reasons for Refusal) will be notified in 4 to 6 months after the filing date.
Response to Notice of Reasons for Refusal
Proposal regarding Response
to Notice of Reasons for Refusal
Notice of Reasons for
We will comment on the reasons for refusal, propose on how to respond to the notice, such as objecting by filing an argument/by filing an amendment . When the application does not satisfy the requirements for
trademark registration,reasons for refusal will be notified.
Response must be submitted within 3 months from the date of dispatch of Notification of Reasons for Refusal.
1 month extension of time for response can be requested .
We will provide necessary explanation regarding the
content of the response.
Filing the Response Acceptance of the
/Substantive Examination
The examiner will conduct another substantive examination
to consider whether the response is sufficient to overcome the reasons for
refusal or not.
Decision of Final
Proposal regarding Response
to Decision of Final Refusal
Decision of Final Refusal
We will comment on the Final Refusal, propose on how to
respond to the notice, such as filing a Request for Appeal against the examiner’s decision.
In the case the application was decided to be refused, the
applicant may file Appeal against the examiner’s decision.
Documents for Appeal against Decision of Refusal
Filing Appeal against
Decision of Refusal
Appeal Decision of Refusal
If the applicant has an
objection to the decision of refusal, the applicant can file an appeal against examiner’s decision of refusal.
In the case the Appeal Decision of refusal is maintained, the applicant may file an Appeal against JPO with the intellectual Property
High Court.
Reporting Decision for
Decision for Registration
We will inform you when we receive Decision of
Registration from JPO.
If the application satisfies the requirements for trademark registration, Decision of Registration will be issued
to pay the registration fee
Paying the registration fee
The application will be dismissed if the registration fee is not paid within 30 days After the Decisions transmitted.
Reporting Trademark
Issuance of Registration Certificate
The trademark rights are effective for 10 years from the date of registration. Certificate of Trademark Registration is issued with the Registration Number and Date of Registration after 2 to 3 weeks from the payment of registration fee.
Issuance of Trademark
Any person may file an opposition against the trademark registration within 2 months from the date on which the Registration is published in Trademark Gazette.
Renewal Application for renewal
Registrant shall pay
annuity fees for each year to the expiration of the duration.

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